Stop worrying about things you cannot control

Panicking about things we can’t control can leave us stressed and unhappy. I realize now that there are so many things that are out of my hands. As an actor, going to auditions is something I enjoy and I know now that there is only so much I can do when I step into that audition room. If they don’t cast me, yes, it might be something I have or haven’t done but it might also be down to a whole host of other factors I have absolutely no control over.  So when I don’t hear back, I breathe and say OK, next!

But how can we get better at focusing on things we can control rather that the things that we can’t? Here are a few pointers that help me and that I hope will help you too.

Take a step back

Whenever I’m in a situation where I can feel myself tensing up and thinking that a situation should be different to the way it is, I try to step back and take stock. Sometimes the trains will be late and the weather will cause havoc but these are things we cannot do anything about so it’s really not worth wasting the energy over!

Stop Worrying

Worrying is such an energy sapper. It really gets you no where but it’s a natural thing we all do. The problem is when it becomes a habit. There are things we can control though like being organised and ready for that important meeting or event. What we can’t control is other peoples’ reactions to us and unexpected events. Recognizing this can make life so much easier.

Don’t Blame Others

Blaming others can also be unhelpful. We’re all in control of other choices and I always try and remember that other peoples’ actions are a reflection of them, not me.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Social media means we are so connected, which is brilliant. It also means there’s a danger of feeling inadequate when we see pictures and posts of people succeeding in ways we wish we were. Again, this is something we can’t control. Instead, celebrate their success and look at the ways you can get to their level and beyond!

How about you? Have you found yourself trapped in the worry whirlpool? What has helped you?

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