Seven Simple Morning Habits To Improve Your Life


How you start your day is so important. I’m not saying I get up at five and do yoga and meditate but that is a great habit to get into. Mornings are a great time stretch, think about the day ahead and start things on a positive note. Here are some simple morning habits to improve your life.

The Early Bird

The old saying about the early bird catching the worm is very true. Think about getting up a little earlier than normal so that you don’t have to rush around. And avoid that snooze button! One of the best morning habits to get into is to place your phone away from your bed so you have to get up and turn off the alarm.


Whether you have a family, significant other or it’s just you, mornings are a great time to have something wholesome to eat and reflect on the day ahead. Try to eat together if you can.


Mornings are a great time to set the intentions for the rest of the day. It can be a wonderful time to spend a few minutes setting goals and writing about what you hope to achieve.

Avoid Emails

It’s a good idea to avoid emails right before bed and first thing in the morning as they may induce feelings of stress. Have that much-needed me time before thinking about work.

The Way to Work

The journey to work can be the most relaxing experience or the most stressful, it’s your choice. Listen to music, pod casts, a spoken work novel or, if you’re on the plane or train, have a nap!


When you get to work, make that to do list and plan your day ahead. Smile and greet people so that not only your day starts off on a positive note but you’re sending out love and compassion to others too .

Don’t Take Things Personally

Not everyone is a morning person so there may be people who don’t smile for their own reasons. Don’t let other peoples’ actions or words affect your day. If someone is negative, don’t take it personally and just get on with your day in the positive way you set out to.

Do you have any top tips for a positive start to the day?

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