The Crown – a poem

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I love writing poetry. I find it so cathartic. We all have times when we suffer from self-doubt and it often forms a part of growing up and finding ourselves. Reminding ourselves of all the positive things we have going on in our lives is something that helps and this is part of the poem. It’s about holding your head up high and reminding yourself who you are and what you have to offer the world. Because I can assure you, you have a lot to offer. I hope you enjoy this poem.

The Crown

There was a time when my only clothing

Was an ornate cloak of deep self loathing.

And my lipstick shade was the perfect pout

Of crimson, tinged with deel self-doubt.

And the shoes I wore upon my feet

Made a click clack sound with each defeat.

While the rings that fell down from my ears

were gold and silver drops of fears.


But the crown I wear upon my head

Reminds me daily – I’m not dead.


By Rosalina

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