The Fight (Against Ageing)

Here is a poem I wrote about ageing (or aging if you’re from the US). It’s inspired by my experiences as a woman and the pressures that are put upon us in society to look a certain way. I hope you enjoy it and please do comment. I would love to hear your thoughts.


The Fight (Against Ageing)


Float like a butterfly

Sting like a Botox jab to the head 

Red and sore

From the southpaw

With my left hook

I’ll make you look

Like a million dollars baby.



Like Mickey Rourke

I’ll wrestle that wrinkle

Punch that pimple

Pure and simple

And de-crease your visage

To make you smooth and firm

For a short term.


And with a Sugar Ray round

I’ll make your skin shine

Without a line

And smooth the crow’s feet

From around that eye of the tiger.


C’mon. You’re worth it. 


Just one hit

With your wallet

And it’s a bareknuckle

Fight to the death

Till you lose your breath.


Like an air-brushed Beyonce

You weigh-in every day

To ensure you’re looking

Nothing less

Than flawless.


And in ten rounds with Tyson

I’ll Dyson that pout in this bout

And take the fat from your hips

And place it in your lips.


With your back to the ropes

in the hopes

Of a younger looking you

And a disdain for the skin you’re in –

I’m raging against this bull

That ageing is a sin.



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