Simple ways to Deal with Nerves

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Whether you’re preparing for a presentation, interview or audition, nerves can sometimes get the better of us. However, there are some simple techniques that can help with nerves that I would like to share.


The biggest thing that will help you to feel relaxed is to be prepared. If you know what you’re going to do when you enter that room, you’re half way there. Being fully prepared will certainly take some of the nerves away.

Deep Breathing

Breathing is one of the best techniques out there that can help with nerves and it’s a great way of centering yourself. Who knew that something as simple as noticing your breathing could make you feel a little calmer in seconds! Several deep breaths can work wonders when the heart rate increases.

Analyse the Room

This is one of my favourite techniques and involves taking the attention from yourself and placing it onto something else. When you’re in the waiting room, look around and play a little game with yourself called, how much can I remember? I know, catchy name isn’t it. What colour is the carpet? What colour are the walls? Are there any paintings on the walls? Is there a table? If so what’s on it? If you had to draw the room when you left it, would you be able to? And if your life depended upon knowing exact details about the room, would you be able to remember them? This works for me and helps me to take the attention away from myself.

Make Nerves your Friend

Instead of berating yourself for feeling nervous, just notice what’s going on. Is your heart beating faster? Are you feeling a little sick? All these feelings are completely normal – it means you’re human. Don’t fight the nerves, work with them. Use the adrenaline to help you nail that presentation, interview or audition.

Focus on the Other People in the Room

Whether it’s an interview, presentation or audition, we often forget to put the attention onto the other people. Try to focus on the other people in the room. What are they wearing? Make eye-contact. Again, if you had to describe them to others after the event would you be able to? When you take the attention off yourself and onto other people, the feelings of self-consciousness quickly dissipate.

These are just a few ways I deal with pre-audition nerves and hopefully they will help you with something that might be causing you a little anxiety. Whatever it is, good luck and do let me know whether these tips worked for you. Also, if you have any other tips to share, please leave them in the comments section below.


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